From: Avram Mandell

You gave us such a wonderful and meaningful presentation last Wednesday. The children were captivated by your story. You are a great teacher. You paused when you used big words and made sure the students understood. They had so many questions, we could have been there for another 30 minutes at least. You helped make Yom HaShoah meaningful. Thank you for taking the time to come and talk with our community. Many students were talking about your story in the carpool line and to their parents as they got into their cars. We really appreciate you and we are fortunate that you are here with us to share your life with us. You have changed lives. L'Shalom,

John Chamberlain

Thank you, Bob for including me on your e list...I'M the grateful recipient of many of your stories...They never get old...Keep it up.  People need to hear the truth about what happened and also understand that cruelty and unspeakable immorality committed in the name of a "cause" can happen again and again.... 


Jackie Singer

Dear Bob,

I just finished looking at your updated video pictures and stories.  I sent them to my daughter, Mollie, and to my grandchildren, and I hope that they will watch them.  We have just come through the most moving and painful day of our year, Yom HaShoah.  Now it is dark, and tomorrow we will be back to ourselves, and doing what all the other Israelis do, but today, last night and today, we commemorated your story, and all of the stories, of the living and of the non-living who were living at that time, whose deaths we will never forget, and we celebrated people like you who survived and were able to come back to life, pick up the threads of living, and go forward into the future.  Thank you so much for sharing your story and your pictures, your wonderful family, and yourself. Kol HaKavod.

God bless you, be well.


Rabbi Jack Segal & Toby

Extremely moving story


Mike Segal

Keep hope alive.


George M. Pomonik


Excellent article.  Be well and keep talkiní!


Mariana Roytman Schiffner


That's amazing. 

I lit the candle last night. Thank you for giving that to us. And...I'll see you on SUNDAY! Can't wait. You are an inspiration to us all,


Shirley Giltzow


Great story, and a great tribute to you, your family and your faith in humanity! I am very proud to know you and be a friend of you and Judy!


Sharon Beth Rose Smith

I want to thank you for rearranging your schedule and making such an effort to come to the temple yesterday. (Especially during your "busiest time" - 405 freeway and all!) You survived a horrific, unfathomable experience and yet, somehow, you set just the right tone in relating it to the Hebrew School children - on a level and in a way that they could understand, and most importantly, learn from. It was evident that they were moved by your story and that you had quite an effect on them and everyone in attendance. 
I had read articles about your experiences in the paper, but hearing you tell it - in person - had much more impact on me and Larry, too. I know Avram - as a fellow educator - was also very impressed and thought you did an amazing job with the kids. Their myriad questions showed how truly engaged they were in your story. 
It was wonderful to see you - and you really are an inspiration in every way. 


Ahila Qulasekaram


WOW...what an amazing story....thank you so much for sharing. i would love to meet your father one day!!!!!! 

Kristen Jirele

Thank you for sharing this!  your dad is an amazing man and you should be proud of him!!  Congrats to him on his graduation! 

Lorraine Kimura

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. It's great he's sharing his story. All these stories are so important.

Judy Coy

I just received the article from your dad and it was wonderful!  Unbelievable, really.

Thank you for always sending us updates - I just read the article and am reminded again of how grateful we are that Bob is here with us.  We are very proud of him and his accomplishments and now, another degree!!! So wonderful.

Shawn Phipps

WOW!  What a great article Ellen!  I didn't realize that your father was a Holocaust survivor.  Thank you for sharing.

Tom Fairchild

I woke up this morning with your dad on my mind.. The more I think of it, the more I am deeply touched by someone any age going into this profession, let alone 72 years young! He is my hero! (Sorry Mindy, I know he's your dad, but you just have to share:) I want to be teaching with the same vigor and enthusiasm as I am sure your dad brings to the task when I am his age.. I told my class once that I want to be the oldest Kindergarten teacher ever, but only if it's still fresh and new. The ability to tap into those new unfolding moments is a key I think to continue with fervor:)

Speaking of fervor (a very strong concept I understand in the Hasidic movement in Poland in the 17/1800's (?) Your family obviously has it...How else can you get through what your father got through without tapping into something powerful; really powerful. Silence your papa?! Good luck! I am so happy he is able to tell his story and is a teacher. He has lucky students (so do you:)

From: Katherine Link

Thank you so much for sharing the article about your dad. He struck me as a remarkable man in the few times I talked to him, but I don't think I had really ever heard his "story" and was very moved. you must be so proud!!

From: Allison Spring

Wow!  What an amazing story of survival...I never realized that your dad experienced all of that in his childhood!!!  He is an amazing man. Congratulations to the new  must be very proud Ell.

From: Deena Goodman

Thanks for passing this along- it is great to have the stories told, and told again so that everyone gets a chance to hear their stories.


From: Ilene

Hi Bob, saw the nice article about you in the p.v. new's!!!!!! wow I think that is soooooooooo great!!! congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!
what a wonderful accomplishment!!! you should be very proud of yourself!!! I send you my congratulations and best wishes!!!

From: Sr Ann Patricia

Great role model
Hi, Bob, I am in NY, but I opened my email to find the article in the PV paper, which was forwarded to me. Congratulations on your graduation from LMU.  I am so glad you are part of the SMA community.
Enjoy these next days of "public acclaim". You well deserve it and so does your family.

From: Irving Rothman

To see an experienced engineer bringing his spirit, his knowledge, and his inventiveness to the classroom must be an incredible venture for the students.  I might even have learned math and chemistry had you been the instructor. Lon Colburn was good, I don't doubt, but I wasn't listening.   
Congratulations.  Your degree was well deserved. 
The oldest person to get a degree at the University of Houston this year was 66; the youngest, 19. You well outdistance them. You doubtless believe, as I do, that teaching makes you younger.